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Occasionally we will get photographs of people whose names do not appear on the nominal roll, and there is some doubt if they did in fact ever serve on the System. Some of them would have been on temporary duty (TDY) or just passing through. This would have been particularly true of the linemen and technicians who were posted to other units and sent in to the North periodically to build and maintain sites on the System. While these people did not officially belong to the NWT&Y Radio System, they nevertheless played a most significant role. Their stories are worthy of the telling and add immensely to our understanding of how the System worked and the events in the daily lives of the people who served on its stations.

Nominal Roll

Those names that have pictures attached are those for whom we
have information. Click on the picture to link to that person's page.

Underwood, C. (Cliff)
Unger, J.
Usherwood, V.D.
Leo Uytenbogaart Uytenbogaart, L.P. (Leo)

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Vallance, H.B. (Bruce)
Robert van't Hoff van't Hoff, R.
Cal Vince Vince, C.W.
Vince, M
Volde, G.E.

Wade, W.H.
Waddell, T. (Red)
Waite, F.H. (Fred)
Wakefield, E.T.W.
Alec Walkington Walkington, A (Alec)
Walkington, W.C.
Ward, D.R.
Warren, F. (Fred)
Watson, D.
Watson, M.H.
Watson, R.
Dick Watts Watts, R.S. (Dick)
Weaver, R.W.
Wells, R.L.
Wentland, R.H.
Westmoreland, R. (Westy)
Wethey, H.D.W.
Tom Whitaker Whitaker, T.
Warren Whitbread Whitbread, W.E. (Warren)
Bud White White, Bud
White, T.E.
White, W.
Whitlock, C.W.
Whitney, F.
Wiberg, N.M.
Wice, H.R
Wiens, H.
Wilson, G.
Wilderspin, D.
Williams, L.L.
Willis, J.W.
Willmore, H.
Willoughby, N.B.
Wolver, E.
Wood, J.E.
Woodruff, A.R.
Wylie, A.


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Yelland, H. (Harry)
Mike Young Young, G.M. (Mike)
Young, H.A.
Ev Youngblut Youngblut, E

Hal Zinn Zinn, H.A.
Zawadiuk, A.
Zynyk, K

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