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Zinn, Harold A.


Hal Zinn

Joined Signals 29 May 1942

Posted to Fort Simpson 1947

Stationed at Wrigley (twice), Norman Wells
Fort Smith and Uranium City (Beaverlodge)

Left the System in 1958

Last posting was Massett, B.C.,
Retired 29 May 1972 with rank of Sgt.


Hal Zinn, Wrigley 1948

Hal Zinn.  Wrigley 1948Hal Zinn taking temperature readings
Harold Zinn. Wrigley 1948Hal Zin and group in Wrigley 1948
Hal Zinn and tugboat at Beaverlodge lake 1956Hal Zinn and group at Wrigley 1949

Staff at Beaverlodge
Hal Zinn in Holland

Ivan Berry and Hal Zinn

If anyone has other photos or information on Hal Zinn we would be pleased to hear from you.

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