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The People who were The System
The Listner, Radio Operator Earl Slack

Photographs and biographical notes will be appended as material becomes available. The people listed here are, with a few exceptions, all RCSigs personnel but there were, of course, personnel from other branches of the armed forces, as well as civilians who served on the system. Our problem at this point is that we have very little information on those people. We invite anyone who can contribute personal information, anecdotes or photographs to contact us.  All donated material will become the property of the Military Communications and Electronics Museum. Loaned material will be scanned/copied and returned without delay.

We need information on, and photographs of, the members of the NWT&Y RS whose names appear on these personnel index pages. If you know of anyone who served on the System, or whose relatives may have served on the System, please send them this website address and ask them to take a look at www.nwtandy.rcsigs.ca.

We have already been given names of people who served on the System but whose names were left off the list. If you served on the system or know someone who did but whose name is not on the list, please contact us and we will be happy to make the correction.

Occasionally we will get a photograph of some station with the group where they may be one or two people whose names do not appear on the nominal roll, and there is some doubt if they did in fact ever serve on the System. Some of them would have been on temporary duty or just passing through. This would have been particularly true of the linemen and technicians who were posted to other units and sent in periodically to build and maintain sites. While these people did not officially belong to the NWT&Y Radio System, they nevertheless played a most significant role. Their stories are worthy of the telling and add immensely to our understanding of how the System worked and the events in the daily lives of the people who served on its stations. For that reason we have decided to include their photos and stories here.

Acknowledgement: Special thanks to the Northern Alberta Signallers and Communicators Association for the photograph of the NWT&Y RS memorial cairn in Edmonton, Alberta, and for the following list of names that make up the nominal roll. This list is from a memorial publication that was originated and compiled by the Association and donated to the C&E Museum where it can now be viewed. The Association designed, fabricated and erected the memorial cairn on the site of the former NWT&Y Radio System Headquarters at 13335 -127 Street, Edmonton. Their mailing address is Box 71002, 9402-135 Avenue, Edmonton, AB, T6E 6J6.

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