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Volunteers and Contributers

The original objective, in addition to providing a written history of the System, was to find at least one picture of each of the stations and at least one picture of each of the people who staffed the stations. We acknowledge that this latter objective is overly ambitious because in many cases there probably never were any photographs. Progress has been slow, and we have come to accept the fact that this project will probably never be concluded because the original objectives are unattainable. Nevertheless, we will bash on.

Our nominal roll consists of two categories: those who were officially posted to the System, and those whose jobs took them there on temporary duty on a regular basis, such as linemen, technicians, engineers and administrative personnel, and of course the civilian employees of the stations. We know that to find pictures of all of them is most likely impossible, but we will keep the project going as long as we have information coming in. We would also like to have short biographical sketches of those people, or at the very least their full names and nicknames, dates of service in the armed forces, the stations to which they were posted and dates of their service on the System.

There are still scores of untapped sources, but very little time or resources to do the research. This is strictly a volunteer effort with no financial assistance from anyone.  From time to time we receive photographs that are not identified and we therefore need to find the means of widening our network as far as possible to try to attract the attention of people who have knowledge of the System. These photos will be placed on this site and viewers asked to give us whatever they know about them. Therefore we are asking our viewers to pass on word of this site and this project to anyone they feel might be able to help.

There is research to be done at the National Archives and at the Department of Defence, Directorate of History, in Ottawa to uncover any information that should be incorporated into the public historical record. This includes stories from the sites, anecdotes relating to the system, the stations and the people who worked there.

The Station Journals, which are kept in the archives at the museum in Kingston, need to be read and mined for anecdotal history. Ideally we should have all the text entries transcribed and posted as PDF files, but that in itself is a monsterous task.

We can use help with scanning and preparing photographs and text for posting to the site.

We can use help in tracking down any survivors who worked on the System, to inform them of the Project and possibly can get current photographs and maybe even interviews.

In short we can use help in any category in which you feel capable of making a contribution.

If anyone with time to spare cares to come on board as a full-time associate of the project we will be very please to have your help


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