H.B. (Bruce) Vallance

Bruce Valance in Egypt

Enlisted in the apprentices in the spring of 1954 and graduated in the spring of 1956.
Posted to 2 RCHA in Winnipeg.
After training in weather ways in Griesbach was posted to the NWT&Y RS in Ft. Simpson, Norman Wells and Aklavik.

Retired from 2 Sigs in Petawawa as a M/Cpl in 1979.

FLQ Crisis

You will recall the FLQ bombing of CFHQ. Well that was the Tape Relay Center. I was the Facility Control Officer there at the time and was in the relay when the explosion took place. The TRC operator on duty was killed. Her name was Jean D'Arc St. Germaine. It took 43 stitches to close my back, I was lucky. I was actually between Jean and the bomb, but it picked me up and threw me across the room. Jean was standing against the wall. and so, had nowhere to go. She took the full brunt ot the explosion in the face.
-- B.V.

Bruce Valance and Friend 1956BB and Bruce Valance, Egype 1956
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