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WO Frank Heath's history of RC Sigs station VEA

- 15 -

And now, after 19 years close association and attention as NCO and WO i/c, SM heath is about to "sign off" the Dawson station, and the R.C.S., enroute to discharge and pension after 30 years with Signals; about 4 years with the old C.E.F. in the first world uproar, then with the R.C.S. since Apil 1921.

He has seen and helped VEA, Dawson City, grow from that first simple log cabin to its present elaborate and modern installation; from a two station local link, to all stations world wide service; from six calls a day, six days a week, to almost continuous service night and day; from 10 w.p.m. and crippling interference, to double the speed through comparatively noise free remote receivers; from ten messages per day, to a hundred; from tariff rates averaging $3.50, to a mere $2.00; from home-made wood-burning stoves, to the latest oil fuelled hot water radiators; -- from bush, to big business.

And that, in brief, is VEA, Dawson City, from October 1st 1923 to April 30th 1947,




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