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Unidentified Persons Photographs
(page 1)

From time to time we come across photographs which have no identification markings.
If you can identify the people or places in the following pages we would be pleased to
hear from you.

In your correspondence please refer to the numbers at the bottom of the photos

Unidentified signallersUnidentified signallers

The annotations on these photos by Lucy Ball state that these two signallers, a Lance Corporal and a Corporal are
waiting for a plane at the start of WWII. Some further information is contained in the note that came with them that
they were waiting for a plane to take them out of Fort Chipewyan when the photos were taken.  If anyone can identify
them please contact us.


Christmas Dinner c. 1926

If you can identify any of the people in the photo above please refer to
Photo U-107 and the reference number on the face of the individual.

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