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This is a private, unaffiliated web site and volunteer project. We do not need your money,
but we do need copies of photos from your albums, your stories and anecdotal histories.
Please help.
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Last Updated: 03 October 2013

Missing Photos

The indices on the People pages include small photographs in front of some of the names.  This indicates that there is at least one photo and some information available for that person.

Those names that do not have any photo attached are those for whom we have no record.

If anyone can provide us with photographs or information on any of those people your contributions and assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Missing Information

Occasionally throughout these pages you will find unidentified persons in photographs, or missing first names. Your help in filling in the blank spots would be much appreciated.

NEW -- Relocation of Memorial Cairn: Oct. 8 2013

Farewell from the Editor:  Bulletin Board

Relocation of Memorial Cairn Bulletin Board

Unidentified Photos:
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CONTRIBUTIONS: This project is not sponsored by any organization and receives no contributions other than photographs and information from family and friends of the people who served on the System. If you feel that it is a worthwhile endeavour you might express your appreciation by sending a donation to the Military Communications and Electronics Museum, to support the fine work they are doing. The address is:
Box 17000, Station Forces, Kingston ON, Canada, K7K 7B4

Consider a Donation or a Bequest

What's going to happen to Grampa's picture album when he is gone?
Who has any interest in pictures of people and places that they don't know anything about? Aside from family pictures, where is the interest in hanging on to old photographs that bring no memories or make no connections to the past?

Too many times in making enquiries about the possibility of photographs of an old soldier we learn that no one knows what happened to them. They went somewhere to be tucked away - and were forgotten and eventually thrown away. Old treasures becoming useless junk because there is no longer any personal connection. It happens more often than most people realize.

Old photographs are an invaluable records of past events, changing landscapes, evolving communities and technologies. To historians and archivists old forgotten photos can be goldmines - if they have been properly preserved and identified. Even those that are damaged or faded with time can be repaired and revived through the new techniques of digital imagery.

If you have no further use for Grandfather's old photos you should consider donating them to a museum, or to a national, provincial or community archive.

If you care at all about what will happen to your memory treasure-chest, and want to protect them for prosperity, there are secure repositories where they would be most welcomed, and where they would be available to future generations.

If you have photos relating to the Royal Canadian Signal Corps, and in particular the NWT&Y Radio System, please get in touch with us either at the Military Communications and Electronics Museum in Kingston, or here at the History Project. We would be delighted to receive your old albums, or copies of the photographs and other related documents and artifacts.

Contact us by e-mail at
make a bequest
Please Note: The graphic above is not a clickable link. You have to type the address into your e-mail. We are forced to do this to prevent our e-mail address being harvested by spiders and robots which use them for the distribution of spam and for other illegal purposes.

or write to the curator of the museum at:

Military Communications and Electronics Museum
Box 17000, Station Forces
Kingston ON,
K7K 7B4