Lindsley Bay, NWT
(See also, Cameron Bay and Port Radium)

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During the spring of '32 strong representations were made to the Dominion Government by mining interests to provide communications in the widespread and active mineral fields of the Great Bear Lake region. The equipment of a privately owned station at Hunter Bay, where interesting copper veins had been discovered the year before, was now idle and was purchased by RC Signals from Dominion Explorers. Operator QMS Fred Raney was sent in with orders to move the equipment and open a station at Lindsley Bay. This was done early in 1932.

The choice of Lindsley Bay by RC Signals as a site for a radio station for the Great Bear Lake area apparently was not a happy one. Most of the mining companies involved protested vigorously that, to make use of the Lindsley Bay station, ninety percent of the operating companies were faced with a day's hard travel by water or on foot, and that during the freeze up and break up periods, the site was practically inaccessible. It was pointed out that Cameron Bay was the logical site for such a station, as it was the. base for the majority of aircraft working in the area and was centrally located to the Eldorado, Consolidated, Bear Lake Mines and the other main companies and highly favoured by the operators of all these companies. In addition it was the headquarters of the Mining Inspector and Mining Recorder.

When mining activity was brought to a close by cold weather in the fall of '32, the RC Signals Radio Station at Lindsley Bay was also closed down. During the winter the government examined the mining companies' protests thoroughly and as a result, decided to re locate the Lindsley Bay station at Cameron Bay.

RCSigs StationRCSigs Station
Group at Lindsley Bay camp
Aircraft in winter

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