VEN - Cameron Bay, NWT
Originally located at Lindsley Bay VEN was relocated to Cameron Bay
in the winter ot 1933. It closed in 1940 and reopened in 1944 in its new home
at Port Radium. See also Lindsley Bay

Position: 66:05N-118:00W. Opened in March 1932 to provide weather information and communications for mining companies. It closed in August 1940 when mining operations ceased. It re-opened in 1944 to provide communications for Eldorado Mining and Refining, and also weather reports for the Meteorological Department. It was Handed over to the Department of Transport In March 1960.

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RCSigs Station
Fire at Signals Station


NOTE: There seems to be some discrepancy here. These two photos do not appear to be either the same building or the same location. We would welcome comment and clarification on this matter.
RCSigs Station

Map Dawson and McLeod

Aircraft in summer Aircraft in winter
aerial of Cameron Bay 1934

Velox Versutus Vigilans