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Tales from the Territories : Wrigley Station
By Peter Sinclair

Replacing antennae masts
. One of the first tasks on reopening the station at Wrigley was to replace the Radio masts. Two of the existing masts were spliced and the others weren't much better. Denny Beams was the lineman who came in to do the mast survey. He declared them unsafe to climb. Five new masts had to be found. A forest fire had gone through the area about 40 years earlier so everything local was second growth.

There was a small area of old growth about two miles south that had escaped the fire and that is where the new masts came from. Suitable trees, approximately 55-60 feet to a 6" top were located, cut, dried and painted international orange and white in alternate bands.

Just about that time Denny Beams left for Good Hope, taking our D4 Cat. with him on a river boat. The Cat. was to be used to haul a cable plough to put in a radial ground system for Good Hope's LF transmit antennae.

Raising antenna mast, Wrigley 1948
Lineman Johnny Kott, Wrigley 1984

Station Wrigley - 1946
Dick Bullock and Denny Beams, cutting tree for antenna mast
Johnny Kott, rigging 55 ft antenna mast.

We put the masts up on our own and Johnny Kott, a lineman from 1 Line Troop in Calder, came in to finish the rigging.

-- P. Sinclair

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