Our nominal roll is incomplete and sometimes incorrect in the spellings or the initials.
Where such errors occur we would appreciate getting corrections and confirmations.

In some cases we get conflicting confirmations and we have identified these and again ask for help in getting the correct information.

Berry: We have a Berry B.C and a Berry B.L.(Bev) Are these two different people or is one set of initials incorrect?

McIsaacs/MacIsaac: On our original nominal roll we had a MacIsaac, J.S. Then we got a photograph identified as McIsaacs, R (Sammy). Are these two different people or was there a problem in remembering the correct spelling and initial?

McKenzie/MacKenzie: We have a McKenzie RP and a MacKenzie RP. Because of the same initials we are assuming it is the same person. Can anyone confirm the correct spelling?


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