Owens, Charles T. (Chuck)

Chick Owens - 2003Charles T Owens, CD

Army Service: 1939-1945

Carleton & York Regt. 06/40 to 05/41.

Third Div. Signals Don Section, Dispatch Rider 05/41 to 10/43.

L of C Signals No.11 D.R. Section 10/43 to 09/45.

Normandy, Belgium, Holland & Germany 06/44 to 09/45.

Army Service: 1947-1955.

Royal Canadian School of Signals 47/48.

Completed Fixed Wireless Course.

Participated in several sports, including the unit hockey team.



N.W.T. & Y Radio System.

Baker Lake, 09/48 - 09/49;
Hay River 09/50 - 07/50;
Ennadai Lake 07/50 - 09/51;
Fort Providence 09/51 - 52;
Beaverlodge Lake, 09/52 - 09/54;
Fort Reliance 09/54 - 05/55.

Served on the above as a Radio Operator,
Wx Observer, Power Tech., Latrine Tech,
Dozer Operator, Ice Runway Builder, Etc.

Dispatch Rider
Radio Operator - Beaverlodge

A Brief Civilian History

Worked on all three Distant Early Warning Lines for Marconi, Bell Telephone, U.S.A.F. as Operator I/C Radio Stations

Managed Automotive Warehouse Distribution Center

President and Owner of Abcon Industrial Supply Limited for Thirty Years, Specializing in Hydraulic Hose Assemblies and Push-Pull Control Assemblies Etc.

Married to wife Hazel and have four sons and six grand children.

Chick Owens 2003