Ellwood, Geoffrey George Wallace (Geoff)

Geoff Elwood, Hay River 1951

5 Jan 2009, CWO (ret'd) Geoff Elwood passed away at the age of 87 at the Dartmouth General Hospital.  Geoff had a long military career spanning over 38 years including being a radio op attached to the Col of the Essex & Kent Scottish at Dieppe, followed by 33 months as a POW.  After the war he spent over a decade on NWT&Y radio stations, served as part of the first deployment to the Congo, and as a Signals Sgt in Korea.  After postings to CFE, Kingston, and Halifax he retired as the 724 Comm Sqn (Halifax) CWO. Geoff was highly active in each community and was awarded the MMM.

Geoff Elwood, Hay River 1951 Geoff Elwood and Frank Hinilson

Geoff Elwood and Bill Rogers Bill McCarthy, Dave Carver and Geoff Elwood
Geoff Elwood, Bill Rogers and Jack Curtis
Velox Versutus Vigilans