Horace Arthur (Art) Dalmer
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The nominal roll lists Dalmer as H.E. but we believe this may be a typographical error and his correct initials were H.A. The contributor of this photo knew him as "Art". Bob Dalmer, Art's nephew, contributed the information below and we are making the assumption that this is the same person and have changed the information in our list of personnel

Horace Arthur Dalmer, born 1 September 1909; (place unknown). Son Dr. Edward Arthur Dalmer and Dr. Florance Lee Dalmer. He grew up in Niagara falls.

Art enlisted in the Signal Corps in 1931. During the war he transferred to the Air Force, rose to the rank of sargeant and retired in 1946.

Art died on 27 July 1986, in Portland Oregon. He is buried in Teeswater Ontario.

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