Crowe, Douglas George (Doug)

Douglas Crowe

Enlisted on Sept 6th 1939 in Montreal.

"First stationed at the Dist. HQ Station "CIM". We were tied in to Ottawa and the other stations in our group were at Quebec City and Kingston"

Stationed in Edmonton from September 1942 to March 1944.

Posted to Norman Wells from March 1944 to August of 1945.

Discharged on December 11th 1945.


I had taken out an amateur radio license in 1938 and this was the reason why I enlisted in the RCCS. Fortunately by enlisting at the station in Montreal, I was able to keep going at it and improve my skills, I spent almost all the war effort with a bug and a typewriter.

I left the army after the war but did not get back into ham radio until I went to work in the Dominican Republic in 1962. I was fortunate in being able to get a license there because at the time the country was controlled by a dictator. It was heaven because we were a "rare" country and I banged away many hundreds of hours on the bug.

I still remember my cw but haven't had my hand on a bug for I dont know how many years.

73 -- DC

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